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Arkadiusz Wilamowski

The extremely high standard of cooking is possible thanks to the Chef-Arkadiusz Wilamowski.

Wilamowski was educated in the best gastronomic and culinary schools in France, in valued and approved Bar-le-Duc, among others. He is one of the most talented chefs of young generation. Wilamowski has the full knowledge about the top class restaurants, how they function since he was trained by the best masters of his discipline.

He worked, among others, at: London restaurants: Alain Ducasse by Dorchester***Michelin, Calude Bosi, Hibiskus**Michelin, Pierre Gagnaire Sketch**Michlein, in France: at Le Petit Nice Passedat***Michelin, Gerald Passedat, Metz*Michelin Christopher Dufosse at the five star Sofitel La Citadelle Hotel, Jean Claude Lamaze Maitre de cuisine*Michelin. He alos cooked with Olivier Valade at the La Gousniere and Warsaw Tamka 43, where he was also the Chef.

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