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Taste the most refined dishes which change every day but are always prepared from products delivered in the early morning.

The restaurant is unique for its changing tasting menu in the form of carte blanche. Its magic lies in the surprise. Our guest does not know what he will get till the moment the dish is served. The only information he can read in the menu is whether the Chef offers fish or meat. Menu is changed frequently according to the seasons.

Menu a la carte is limited and also matching the time of the year and products what guarantees freshness, quality and sophisticated taste.



Menu served from 12:00 to 15:00


3 dishes (starter, main course, dessert) with choice - 59 PLN


Business Lunch Menu :


Roasted carrots from Ludwik Majlert's farm with curry de madras sauce


Cannelloni with porcini mushrooms and moray sauce

Main course

Beouf Bourgignon with mini veg
Cauliflower a'la polonaise with tzatziki sauce


Traditional polish chalah like from the childhood with cinnamon butter, homemade preserves and obviously hot chocolate


Brie cheese with polish apples preserve


Tasting menu consisting of 6 dishes 180 PLN
Wine tasting 160 PLN
Special menu tasting 360 PLN
Special wine tasting 340 PLN


* Please be advised the service charge of 12.5% will be added to tables with 4 or more covers



 Roasted Graffiti aubergine with garden peas puree- 22 PLN

Polish tomatoes carpaccio with cherries - 29 PLN 

                       Pithiviers with mixed leaves salad Salmis sauce - 59 PLN  

Tuna torro, beans and crunchy courgette blossom (from Ludwik Majlert's farm) salad- 69 PLN



Scotch Salmon with roasted mango, vervein, cucumber and Oriental sauce - 54 PLN

Shade fish a'la Grenobloise - 59 PLN

Silverside of beef with chanterelles and pan fried cabbage Facon Bonne Femme - 67 PLN

Fresh Breton lobster with homemade pasta and bisque - 300 PLN




Fruit marshmallow with gooseberry puree - 24 PLN

Opera with tonka ice cream - 29 PLN

 Raspberry and chocolate cake - 29 PLN

Chłodna 15

ul.Chłodna 15, 00-891 Warsaw

tel. 730 737 644

Chłodna 15 is open:

   12.00-15.00 hrs
   and 18.00-22.00 hrs